This year  was the first year I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The last four or five years I have wanted to shop the sale but never had the chance too. Shopping the sale I learned a few things while shopping that will help me in the future. I wanted to share them with you because I thought they might be helpful to anyone shopping the sale for the first time as well. 


Shopping the Nordstrom Sale was so much easier and faster for me already coming in knowing what I wanted to get. I looked on a few days before to see what was in stock and what the sale was offering. Walking into the store, an associate was ready to help me find exactly what I wanted and lead me directly to where it was. It was a great decision because I didn’t have to wander the store finding what I wanted, because every Nordstom’s layout is different. 


I found out while shopping at Nordstrom that it was smart of me to go and shop in-store. Reasoning is because I was planning on buying these BP Hensley Over The Knee boots online in my usual size 9 that I wear. If I bought that them online I would of had to return. While trying them in-store I tried on tree different sizes to find that the size 8 fit best. 


I found out pretty quickly that what I decided to wear shopping, while it may of look cute and comfortable it was the wrong thing to wear. While shopping you’re going to be probably trying on lots of clothes that catch your eye, which means changing outfits a lot. The dress I decided to wear was comfortable but nit easy to take on and off which made me not want to try a lot on. While mentioning wear comfortable clothing, wear neutral under garments and possibly a strapless bra. 

Have you thought about shopping the sale? If you found any of these tips helpful or have any others to share, let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.